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Inversiones Lindero Azul SpA

Comunidad Dante Alighieri, Parte Lote 1, Calle Lindero Azul #1595, Sitio 17&18

Comuna El Tabo, Chile (Provincia de San Antonio, Quinta Región de Valparaiso) 



GTC (General Terms and Conditions)


The general terms and conditions are part of the booking confirmation or of the contract. Valid is the latest Version at the time of booking confirmation.

1. Services

Asesorías e Inversiones Lindero Azul SpA (hereafter called as LINDERO AZUL) rents the apartments listed on the website and provides the services listed on the website at the rates and conditions agreed in the booking confirmation. The contract for the rental of the rooms and for the agreed services is concluded directly between the guest and LINDERO AZUL.

The agreed rental price for the Apartments includes all utilities such as electricity, heating and water.

2. Booking process

After the contact via telephone, e-mail or another electronic medium, the guest books his stay and the requested services and receives a confirmation by e-mail. A reservation request is not yet considered a binding booking.

3. Description of the apartments and the services

The details of the apartments and the services on the website are the truth.

4. Internet / TV

We motivate our guests to be offline during their stay at LINDERO AZUL and consider this as a privilege!
LINDERO AZUL enables you to distance yourself from everyday life - to slow down. Therefore, we refrain from providing WiFi. In emergencies, we offer in the main house of course a Internet access.

Each apartment has a small TV in the living room. To promote the authentic experience of Chile, only the national Television channels are available. LINDERO AZUL assumes no responsibility for the reception quality and the contents of the TV programs.

5. Washing machine / washing of personal laundry

By agreement, personal laundry can be washed by LINDERO AZUL. There is no ironing service available. For damages caused by the washing LINDERO AZUL assumes no responsibility. The washing of personal laundry is not included in the price.

6. Cleaning of the apartments

The cleaning of the apartments will be done after the stay by LINDERO AZUL and is included in the price.

7. Terms of payment

The guest pays the cost of the services at the Moment of check-in in Swiss Francs, Euros, US Dollars or Chilean Pesos (daily exchange rates). No cards accepted. By agreement, a prepayment of the total amount or a partial amount prior to arrival is possible (Bank Transfer only in Swiss Francs or Chilean Pesos)

8. Check-in, check-out / Cancellation / Changes

A cancellation of the booking must be in writing (e-mail) and is free of charge until 15 days before arrival.

For cancellations made less than 15 days before the arrival date, the full fee will be charged.

Changes to the agreed services must be made in writing (e-mail) and by mutual agreement.

Check-in:        from 14.00 pm

Check-out:      until 12.00 am 

On request and by prior agreement LINDERO AZUL will pick up the guest at the International Airport of Santiago de Chile (is not included in the price.)

9. Use of the Apartments and the services

The booked apartment and the agreed services are only available for the persons mentioned in the booking. The accommodation of further persons is not permitted.

10. Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs / Safety / Pets

Smoking in the apartments is not allowed. Outdoor ashtrays are available. We are against excessive consumption of alcohol and against drugs. We support a healthy Lifestyle.

The safety instructions of LINDERO AZUL must be strictly followed (handling of outdoor fires, handling of gas, use of electrical installations, etc.)

Pets are not allowed.

11. Defects / Damage

The guest has to report detected defects in the apartment immediately. The guest is liable for damages that have been discovered later and in particular for damages caused by the guest.

12. Termination / Violation of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

LINDERO AZUL is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to demand the eviction and return of the apartment if the guest seriously violates the general terms and conditions.

13. Liability/Insurance

LINDERO AZUL is solely liable for the provision of the agreed services. LINDERO AZUL assumes no liability for sports injuries. All liability claims are governed by Chilean law. The guest is liable for damages caused by him and for non-compliance with the booking contract (see also Article 8).

14. Jurisdiction

Place of Jurisdiction for complaints of the guest against LINDERO AZUL is San Antonio / Valparaíso, Chile.

For legal actions of LINDERO AZUL against the guest, legal entities and natural persons of private or public law or persons who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Chile or who have their habitual residence outside of Chile after conclusion of the contract, the effective place of residence of the person is valid. If their whereabouts are unknown at the time of filing the legal action, San Antonio / Valparaíso, Chile is agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

El Tabo, San Antonio Province, V-Region Valparaíso, Chile, November 2018, Version 1.5